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I am a reformed "20-something" husband, father, and pastor. I am evidence of the statistic that many people who profess Christ are lost. I was born and raised, in a "good, christian" home. I attended church regularly. I imagine I even won a few awards for attendance. I sang in choir, went to a "christian" college, spent time in the ministry. But I was as lost as can be. God had mercy on me, a sinner, in 2007 when He brought me to repentance through the preaching of Paul Washer. Soon thereafter, revival in the Rouden home happened, and my wife was saved. Praise God. I've been married nearly six years to my beautiful wife, Stephanie. We have three wonderful children. My daughter, Celeste, is 4. My son, Andrew, is just over 2. And now our third child, Israel, is 2 months. They are a blessing, and I pray God grants us more arrows for our quiver. My desire is to see the true Gospel of Christ spread abroad, and to see those who are decieved as I was, brought to repentance and new life in Christ for the glory of God alone.

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